More Freedom, Less Headaches!

Five hundred Fit Pros were surveyed, and these are the “Top 5” most stressful issues they deal with every day.

So, we got to work, developed a solution and XUBiFiT was founded!
In the simplest terms, XUBiFiT is an incredible marketing platform exclusively for Fit Pros,
and we have an awesome FREE app that can make you extra money*.

  • Our app allows you to fill cancellations, no-shows and scheduling gaps with online clients

  • We spend CRAZY amounts of money on marketing to help you increase your online presence.

  • Our app does something no “DIY” fitness app is capable of… providing professional motivation via you, the Fit Pro.

  • We can’t keep you from working 12 hours a day, but we give you the tools to make your free time more profitable.

  • Our app allows you to become a ‘premium’ professional by offering another level of service to your 1-on-1 clients.

And YES, whether you're an independent Fit Pro, a Fit Pro already dabbling in hybrid/online
training or even a Fit Pro working in a health club, our service and app can benefit you greatly!

*Be sure to check out the Next Big Thing below to see how you can generate a residual income.

It takes a lot of hard work to make something simple.

--Steve Jobs

We did the hard work so we could help make your coaching life simple.


Sure, you can have a free profile listing, but upgrade to a Premiere Profile and you will finally have a place to tell the world who you are, add photos that help define your story, and make a HUGE splash with a personal video (video can increase conversions by up to 80%).


Social media marketing is the marketing of the future, but most people struggle to find the time, money and creativity to create posts every single day. Although we’re still working diligently to create these for you, when we’re done you simply posts them as your very own.


A must have tool for every Fit Pro! Whether you’re a Fit Pro dabbling in hybrid training or a Fit Pro working in a gym/studio, this tool will help you deliver better results to your clients by keeping them motivated when they’re not training with you.


Receive ten professionally written forms needed to successfully maneuver your growing business. Now your clients can easily complete the PDF fillable forms and email them directly back to you for your records.


You no longer have to come up with content, images, and precious time needed to create your own newsletter because we’re providing you with a free newsletter each and every month. All you have to do it send it to your clients as your own.


Your incredible Professional Profile gives you the opportunity to sell yourself and have fun while you’re doing it. Tell the world what makes you laugh, what makes you cry, what your favorite cheat meal is, what sets you apart from every other Fit Pro and so much more.


Certified Personal Trainer

National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM)

Be the first to leave this Fit Pro a Review !

More tools to help you stand out from the crowd!


Receive this badge when our staff matches your credentials with your main certification


Receive this badge when you receive ten "Thumbs Up" and five positive reviews.


Receive this badge after maintaining an 85 percent positive rating for a minimum of six months.


Receive this badge when your background check returns positive.


These Savings are UNBELIEVABLE but True!

Xubifit Other Companies
Coach/Client Mobile App $0
(unlimited clients)

Virtuagym - based on May 1, 2018 information

$50 (monthly – 20 clients)
Cost Per Single Lead $0

Thumbtack - based on May 1, 2020 information

$10 (average)
Cost to Restrict Competition $0

YELP – based on May 1, 2020 information

$2 (per day avg.)
Call to Action Button $0

YELP – based on May 1, 2020 information

$2 (per day avg.)
Adding Images/Video $0

YELP – based on May 1, 2020 information

$1 (per day avg.)
Percentage Taken From Sale $0
d – based on May 1, 2020 information

30% (per sale)
Cost To Do Business $99 (Per Year)

Due to the Corona Virus (COVID-19) outbreak, we have decided to launch our site and its services six-months earlier than anticipated in an effort to help Fitness Professionals offset some of the financial burdens they may experience due to gym closures. 

When you join today, you will enjoy all of our services, including our Trainerize mobile app for you and your clients absolutely free through the end of the year! 

Together, we can help to make a difference during this difficult time.

Maybe we’re a little corny, but we like to think of
ourselves as the UBER® of fitness professionals.…

Because together we deliver people to their better health destination.
Create your free profile Now!

Kick Your Reputation into High Gear. No Heavy Lifting Required!

It’s as Easy as 1, 2, 3

Create your FREE online profile so the world can find you.
Upgrade your free membership to a Professional Profile for more benefits.
  • Access to our personal training mobile app.
  • Access to our nutritional mobile app (coming soon).
  • Opportunity to introduce yourself to the world by adding an introductory video , and additional photos.
  • Clients will be able to contact you directly from your profile image via your email, Facebook, and Twitter
  • Professional form bundle. You’ll have unrestricted access to forms like PAR-Q, Release of Liability, and more.
  • Custom monthly newsletters to send clients, and prospective clients.

    next big thing

    coming soon

    Make extra money doing what you’re already doing…

    As Fit Pros ourselves we know that essential supplements can play an important role in both workout & recovery. So, when we started XUBIFIT, we considered recommending a line of quality supplements through our site to help improve your client’s fitness results. Regrettably, most supplements were either way overpriced , contained too few essential ingredients or crammed full of bovine scatology.

    Being left with no other option, we decided to pull up our big boy (and girl) pants and create a quality line of supplements that are both highly effective and economical.

    Quality products you’d be proud to recommend.


    You will always know exactly what you’re putting into your body when you consume our products because we will never hide our ingredients in a “proprietary blend” or “matrix”.

    Some manufacturers use proprietary blends/matrix to hide the fact that they’re using low levels of premium ingredients and dumping in significant amounts of inexpensive fillers.


    As you might imagine, an effective dose is the amount of a specific ingredient that has been shown to deliver specific results.

    Unfortunately, some supplement brands add a smidgeon of an ingredient just so they can say it’s in the product. Our products are thoroughly tested to make sure they always contain the precise dosage of key ingredients.


    Scientific research is always changing, and only those who stay up-to-date on the cutting-edge research will be able to deliver the safest, most effective products.

    We only manufacture our products in the USA within a facility that is cGMP certified, FDA Registered, NSF Internationally audited, NSF for Sport, USDDA Organic, and Health Canada Registered.

    Far superior to a cup of Joe.

    We realize that some Fit Pros don’t recommend supplements simply because they do not fully understand the science behind supplementation. For example, all too often we hear Fit Pros say that a strong cup of coffee is every bit as beneficial as a pre-workout supplement. We would argue that a good pre-workout with proven ingredients does so much more than just promote an increase in athletic performance and mental focus that caffeine alone provides.

    Here's how our Pre-Workout differs from a cup of coffee...

    The only thing missing is YOU.

    Most Fit Pros trade time for money… paid only when they work. Our supplement program allows Fit Pros to earn a residual income every time friends, family and clients order and reorder a product. And for those Fit Pros that enjoy quality supplements, you’ll save BIG money when you buy supplements for yourself.

    Other supplements currently in development.

    • Creatine
    • Collagen Peptides
    • Intra/Post Workout
    • Turmeric Curcumin
    • Thermogenic Fat Burner
    • ZMA (Zinc, Magnesium, Vitamin A Complex)

    Fitness Professional FAQ’s

    The short version:

    XUBIFIT is a recommendation and mobile app platform that connects individuals seeking fitness solutions with fitness professionals skilled in motivational accountability.

    The long version:

    For the consumer, we provide those seeking better health through fitness with access to the nations most qualified fitness professionals capable of delivering personalized exercise programs and motivation.

    For the Fit Pro, we provide a unique marketing platform and countless business tools designed specifically for fitness professionals in an effort to assist them with achieving greater success.  Additionally, in the not too distant future, XUBIFIT will begin offering Fit Pros an opportunity to generate additional income by joining our Affiliate Program.
    Yes and No.

    Angie’s List has helped countless plumbers, roofers, housekeepers, and other trades grow their businesses by offering them a platform in which to market their business and a place to receive ratings & reviews.

    At XUBIFIT, our service is exclusively for fitness professionals seeking diverse marketing tools to increase their exposure.  Our website is also rating & review platform because 80% of individuals seek ratings & reviews before making a purchase or hiring for a job --- that goes for Fit Pros too.
    At XUBIFIT we want to become the community you trust to startup, grow and expand your business.  And our passion is to help you find more clients, boost your income and provide you with the tools that will assist you in your everyday quest to be less stressful and more successful!  That is why we have taken a considerable amount of time to develop tools that can help you market your business with greater ease.

    Some of the tools we currently have for our Fit Pros include a listing for your business so people seeking your services can find you via a local search.  We also have a Premiere Profile page where you get to tell the world who you are, add photos that help define your story, and finally make a HUGE splash with a personal video (adding a video can increase conversions by up to 80%) so that people seeking better health through fitness have an opportunity to find you.

    Also, whether you’re an independent Fit Pro or a Fit Pro dabbling in hybrid training (1-on-1 training and online training) or a Fit Pro working in a gym/studio and merely want to keep in touch with your clients, we’re going to save you hundreds of dollars a year by giving you and your client the Trainerize app absolutely free when you upgrade to a Premiere Profile page.

    When you upgrade, you will also have access to our professional forms.

    Personal Training Agreement; Medical Release; Movement Assessment; PAR-Q; Fitness Progress Chart; Personal Trainer Waiver of Liability; Full Disclosure of Physical Condition ~ Informed Consent & Assumption of Risk ~ Release of Liability ~ Indemnification Form; Fitness Assessment Questionnaire; Overhead Squat Assessment/Clarification and Testimonial and Photo Release Form (needed to CYA)

    Coming very soon we will have a library of posts for you to use on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and a monthly newsletter to send out to clients and potential clients.

    Absolutely!  The founder of XUBIFIT began his career in the world of health and fitness at the of 49 after learning he had been the victim of a heart attack just before his 50th birthday. Shortly after beginning his journey, he became the recipient of the highly coveted “Body-for-LIFE” transformation championship for men 46+ [50 years old at the time]. Since that time Tim has attained a Personal Trainer certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), and a Youth Fitness Specialist training certification from the American Council on Exercise (ACE).

    With the desire to help others overcome the obstacles that keep them from reaching their desired health & fitness goals, XUBIFIT was created.
    As we tossed the TU/TD versus Star concepts around the office, one of our team members told us about a review she once read regarding a person that left a rather dismal review about her experience with a Fit Pro --- it went something like this:

    The reason that I did not give my personal trainer five stars is because I removed one star because he was 15 minutes late for our first session, and I removed one star because he doesn’t always smell fresh, and I removed one star because he was not as fit looking as I thought he should be.

    Therefore, we decided to keep it simple; if a client enjoys your service, they’ll give you a Thumbs-Up, and if your experience was poor, then they’ll give you a Thumbs-Down.
    A Premiere Profile page is where the Fit Pro tells the world who they truly are. It’s also an opportunity for the Fit Pro to add photos and a video that helps to define their story.  Speaking of video, did you know that adding a video can increase conversions (your sales) by up to 80%.

    A Premiere Profile page is also a place to display our badges of success.  You’ll also have the opportunity to list your certifications, list your favorite cheat meal, your favorite playlist, and so much more.

    Take this opportunity to tell the world why you are the best person to exceed their fitness wants and needs.
    Individuals can visit and see your Premiere Profile page via a Fit Pro search.  Additionally, individuals can locate you through marketing materials containing your unique profile URL. 
    Absolutely not!  We find it utterly absurd that some companies actually charge you to add photos and videos to your biography page.  Isn’t that part of having a BIO?  Did you know that by adding a video to your Premiere Profile page, you can increase conversions by up to 80%?
    Firstly, we don’t just provide you with a Premiere Profile page.  The low annual fee we charge provides you with a multitude of business tools to assist you with gaining exposure, growing your business and increasing your income.

    As for the price of the Premiere Profile page and all the perks associated with it, you will only be charged $99 a year for everything.  And, if you are taking advantage of our free fitness app, and you should be, you’re going to save at least $117 dollars a year versus getting the app yourself.  Essentially, you’re making money by upgrading!
    During your registration, you will have the opportunity to upgrade to a Premiere Profile page or keep your free listing.  You can upgrade anytime from your trainer portal.
    The only other costs involved with having a Premiere Profile page is for those Fit Pros that wish to hold a sponsored position as a Featured Fitness Professional (limited space available).  The fee to be listed in a sponsored position is $15 per month --- billed quarterly.

    Up to ten Fit Pros will be displayed on this page.  Because we accept so few Fit Pros as Featured Fitness Professionals, you must meet the following qualifications to be considered for this section.

    • You must be one of the first ten Fit Pros to apply.
    • If a Fit Pro drops off, we will reach out to those applicants that previously applied.
    • You must have acquired all 4 badges for your Premier Profile page ---including the Background Check button.
    • You must maintain your badges by keeping at least an 80% positive rating.
    • You must pay $45 per quarter-year for this privilege.
    • If you leave XUBIFIT, or your rating drops below 80% you will not receive a refund.
    It’s 100% free to create a free listing. Your listing will consist of your name or your company’s name, the city & state that you conduct business in, and your primary certification.

    Your listing will also contain the following text:


    There is also a contact button for the user to let us know to contact you. 
    Click on any of the “Get Your FREE Profile NOW!” links throughout the Trainer HQ page.
    If you have a free listing, your primary business will be listed so people can search for your business through an independent Internet search using your name/business name and the city & state you provided.  We added a contact link on your free listing so we can let you know when people are trying to contact you through our website.

    If you would like to begin receiving emails directly from potential clients, simply upgrade to a Premiere Profile page and you’ll begin receiving emails and so much more.
    Only in the sense that we provide referral services.

    Let’s be honest, marketing is a persistent uphill battle and gaining exposure through companies like Thumbtack, Yelp, and others can be a huge waste of time & money.

    Clearly, a free profile at Yelp isn’t really free when you have to pay hundreds of dollars a year just to remove a competitor from YOUR (free) page, and a free profile on Thumbtack isn’t actually free when you consider you have to pay crazy amounts of money just to compete for leads, and a free profile on other sites isn’t truly free when you have to cough-up a percentage of your sales before they will connect you with a potential client.

    Although you can receive a free business listing on our website, for the nominal annual fee we charge and the perks you receive, you are actually saving hundreds and potentially thousands of dollars a year.  
    NO! XUBIFIT is not a lead generation service like companies that take your money upfront before they provide you with a potential client's contact information.
    NO!  While some companies practice this absurd business model, at XUBIFIT we will never put your competition on YOUR Premiere Profile page or even YOUR free listing.
    Currently, Certified Personal Trainers, Yoga teachers, Pilates instructors, Exercise Physiologist, and BOC Athletic Trainers.

    We are considering adding other professionals such as tennis pros to our fitness professional family in order to provide everyone seeking better health through fitness with additional options to best assist them with sticking to a fitness routine.
    No.  As a Fit Pro, you work for yourself and you use our platform to market yourself.

    If you are an affiliate of XUBIFIT, in some areas you may be considered an independent contractor.
    Absolutely not.  People seeking fitness solutions visit XUBIFIT because we have Fit Pros capable of delivering results in multiple modalities --- gym, home, office, outdoors and online.

    However, because online training is convenient, easy to manage, cost-effective and it’s growing at such a rapid pace, why would you turn away clients seeking this form of training… especially since we’re giving you and your clients the app for free.
    Badge: Screened & Approved:

    All Fit Pros must procure the Screened & Approved badge prior to using our services.  In order to procure this badge, the fitness professional must possess the following:

    ·      Valid government-issued photo ID, such as a driver's license, passport or military ID

    ·      Verifiable license/certification pertaining to their primary profession

    Badge: Background Check

    Because we as a society can never be too careful these days, we provide this badge as an opportunity for Fit Pros to provide their clients with added ‘peace of mind”.  This badge and is not required of a Fit Pro in order to use our services.

    Badge: Top Rated

    A Fit Pro must receive at least ten (10) “Thumbs Up” and five (5) positive reviews from their clients before receiving this badge.

    Badge: Elite Pro

    A Fit Pro must maintain a positive rating of 80 percent or higher for at least six months before receiving this badge.

    ** Fit Pros must maintain a positive rating of at least 70% with their clients or risk losing their “Verified Badge”.
    Usually, between 12 and 24 hours.

    However, it may take longer depending on the time it takes to receive a reply a response from the licensing board that approved your license/certification.

    After we receive confirmation, we will display your badge within minutes.
    The most successful people around the world will tell you that they didn’t get to where they are all by themselves.

    Sure, there are many other communities on Facebook made up of fitness professionals, and we encourage you to join them all.  But at XUBIFIT, our main emphasis is your success.  Therefore, we will regularly monitor our Facebook site, listen to Fit Pro questions, concerns and comments in an effort to continually develop the tools you need to succeed.

    Also, our community will be one of support. A place where you can ask questions, provide suggestions and receive replies from fitness professionals that only want the best for you and our community.  Essentially, a place where we can all count on each other for support.

    With thousands of fitness professionals supporting each other, how can this be a bad thing?
    Firstly, we require Fit Pros to submit an electronic copy of a Photo Identification [valid driver's license, government-issued identification card, military identification or passport] and an electronic copy of their “primary” training certification --- all other certifications not required.  We do this in an effort to make sure you are who you say you are, and that you are certified to coach in your primary field.  Your Photo Identification is electronically destroyed after verification.

    Secondly, we encourage all Fit Pros to invest in themselves by selecting to have a thorough background check on performed via a third-party (Checkr) business through our website.  If you pass your background check, you will receive a badge of certification on your Premiere Profile page to assure those seeking your services that you are truly an honorable fitness professional.
    Yes, and no.  Fit Pros must provide a verifiable license/certification pertaining to their primary profession so that we can match license/certification with the governing body that supplied the license/certification.  However, we do not verify that the license/certification must be current.  We feel that you earned the license/certification and it is not up to us to make you acquire CEC’s just to keep remain current.
    Yes!  You put in the difficult work to become certified, and you shouldn’t be penalized just because you didn’t want to recertify every 2-years.
    If a Fit Pro is found to have been convicted of felonies, violent crimes, sexual offenses, and registered sex offender status, among other types of criminal records (see below), these are indeed disqualifying grounds for the use of our service.  However, pending charges for these crimes may not be disqualifying grounds for the use of our service.  Determination is at our sole discretion.

    ·      Aggravated Assault / Battery / Domestic Violence
    ·      False Imprisonment / Kidnapping
    ·      Murder (all degrees) / Homicide, including Voluntary or Involuntary Manslaughter and Vehicular Manslaughter
    ·      Rape / Statutory Rape / Sexual Assault / Offenses Sexual in Nature
    ·      Burglary, including Robbery / Theft / Larceny
    ·      Child Abuse / Neglect / Abandonment / Pornography
    **NOTE: While we do our due diligence in enforcing this policy to the best of our ability, we are unable to guarantee that an individual having committed any of the aforementioned crimes will not slip through the cracks and get listed on our site.  If you have any questions about your Fit Pro, request that they provide you with a current background check.
    This information can only be verified if you choose to have a background check performed showing your previous name(s).
    Because the information is provided to us electronically, it is deleted from our system automatically and immediately upon verification via programming.
    An independent contractor is a self-employed taxpayer who controls his own employment circumstances, including when and how work is done. Independent contractors are not considered employees, and they must pay their own Social Security and Medicare taxes.
    Absolutely not.  Feel free to use any fitness app that works best for you and your clientele.
    Once you’ve upgraded your free listing to a Premiere Profile page, we will receive a notification, and from there we will send you an invite to join Trainerize via email.  This invite will be titled “Welcome to XUBIFIT”.  The information in this email will provide you with instructions on how to move forward with setup.

    You should also receive a follow-up email from Trainerize titled “We missed you! Check out our webinar recording + BONUS resources to help you grow!”  This is a really great video on how to bring in new clients and grow your fitness business.

    Additionally, in the footer of the email you will locate some really important links like; ‘Help Center’, ‘Getting Started Guide’, ‘Join a Webinar’ and the phone number for Trainerize.

    **If you have not received your invite within 24-hours of upgrading to a Premiere Profile page, please check your SPAM folder before contacting us.
    One really awesome thing about Trainerize is that they have videos that will walk you through the setup and answer all of your questions.  However, if you still have questions after watching the videos do contact us and we will do our best to assist you.
    With regard to XUBIFIT, our marketplace platform consists of the website itself. For the consumer, our website provides articles, recipes, videos, and the ability to follow links to sites where purchases for health and fitness goods can be made.  For the Fit Pro, our website serves as an outlet in which to market their business.
    Absolutely!  We designed the forms in a formattable PDF so you can simply download them, enter your business name and send them off to your clients.
    No.  Branding is just as important to us as it is to you, and we feel that our small logo located in the bottom corner demonstrates professionalism.
    While we certainly hate to see you go, if you are determined to leave us, simply contact us at, provide us with your login credentials and we’ll delete your profile just as soon as you reply to our verification email.
    Go to the trainer login page at  In the Login box, click on the link “Did you forget your user name or password?”.  When prompted, enter you’re the email address you used to register with.  Then visit your email and follow the prompts to reset your username or password.
    The truth is, we provide you with more tools for success than any other company on the planet, but we strongly feel that your criminal background history is something that you must do on your own.  Put some "skin in the game" so your potential clients can enjoy peace of mind.
    Login to your account. Under the first heading, “Personal”, there is a link three (3) rows down that asserts “Change Password”. 
    Unfortunately, our financial system is not set up to send or receive payments outside of the U.S. However, rest assured that we are working feverishly to open our doors to fitness professionals around the globe.
    We do not allow you to cheapen yourself by trying to outbid other Fit Pros for a single client like some other companies do. At XUBIFIT, our marketing campaigns, include SEO, SEM, SMM and our presence on major search engines like Google, Bing, and others put our business and yours in front of potentially millions of people from around the world that are looking for someone just like you to help them meet their fitness goals.
    Yes.  Login to your account, under the first heading, “Personal”, click on the EDIT icon in the upper right-hand corner, then change your name accordingly.  When you are finished, click “Update” in the lower right-hand corner’ or cancel if you’ve changed your mind.
    No.  More than 80% of individuals in today’s marketplace rely on ratings and reviews to assist them with making proper buying and hiring decisions.  It would be very disingenuous if we allowed you to only keep the positive reviews you’ve received
    Absolutely!  While there is not a dedicated link on your Premiere Profile page, you can add the URL of your BLOG into any one of several sections within the portion of your Premiere Profile page titled, “Who You Are”.
    Every day Fit Pros leave our industry not because they really want to, but rather because the vicious cycle of acquiring clients, keeping clients, filling in scheduling gaps and working crazy long hours finally takes its toll.

    As Fit Pros ourselves we know that essential supplements can play an important role in both workout & recovery.  So, we decided to create a quality line of highly effective and economical supplements and allow passionate fitness influencers to help us promote our supplements in exchange for an income opportunity.

    Our supplement program allows Fit Pros to earn a residual income every time friends, family and clients order and reorder a product. And for those Fit Pros that enjoy quality supplements, you’ll save money when you buy supplements for yourself.
    Affiliate Marketing is a performance-based sales program where affiliates (fitness professionals) are able to earn a commission on purchases submitted by their clients/customers to our website via the affiliates Qualifying Links.
    The affiliate (fitness professional) integrates a Qualifying Link --- A link from your approved website, social media, email, etc. to our website using one of the required URLs or any other URL or graphic link provided by us for use in our Affiliate Program --- into their site.

    When the Qualifying Link belonging to the affiliate is clicked on by a client/customer, a tracking cookie is planted on the client’s/customer’s computer.  When client/customer completes a purchase on our website, a commission is applied to the affiliate's account.
    The first step to becoming an affiliate of XUBIFIT is to create an account with the company that manages our affiliate program,  Within 3-5 business days, your application will be reviewed, at which time we will contact you via email with our decision.
    If you are accepted into XUBIFIT’s affiliate program, your account will be managed by is responsible for managing all commission payouts and paperwork associated with our affiliate accounts.
    Absolutely not, we want to put money into your pocket, not take it away.  No risk…. lots of reward!
    Affiliates can use their website (if applicable) and they can also use social media accounts, emails, text messages, printed materials, and other marketing platforms which the Affiliate can use to connect its Qualifying Link to our website.
    As an approved participant of our Affiliate Program, you may earn commissions for affiliate services in accordance with this section. Company may change or terminate the provisions of this section at any time at our sole discretion.  Company makes no representation whatsoever, regarding potential income that may result from participation in Company’s Affiliate Program and Company specifically disclaims any and all warranties in regard to Affiliate’s earning potential.

    Affiliate can earn a commission for the sale of products that originate through their Site via Qualifying Links. Commissions shall be paid as follows:

    ·      Non-discounted products

    o   Thermogenic Fat Burner: 20 percent per transaction

    o   Pre-Workout: 15 percent per transaction

    o   All other products: 10 percent per transaction

    ·      Discounted products

    o   Affiliate will receive 3 fewer percentage points for every 10 percent a product is discounted.

    §  EX. Discounted pre-workout priced at 20 percent off retail will provide the affiliate with a potential commission earning of 9 percent versus the standard 15 percent.
    At XUBIFIT we believe that it’s always best to walk before your sprint, and because our primary service is making sure that our Fit Pros are benefiting from the services we provide, we have decided to postpone our affiliate program until Spring 2020.  Current, we have the following supplements in development:

    ·      Biotin
    ·      Collagen Peptides
    ·      Green Tea Extract
    ·      Intra/Post Workout
    ·      Omega 3
    ·      Pre-workout
    ·      Thermogenic Fat Burner

    In the not too distant future, we will consider developing a line of sports equipment.

    For more detailed information, please refer to our Affiliate Agreement which you can read upon registration.


    Please consult a physician or other health care professional before beginning any diet or exercise program. Articles, blogs, recipes, videos, and any other information regarding health, fitness and nutrition is provided for educational purposes only, and not as medical advice. This information is not intended as a substitute for, nor does it replace professional advice, diagnosis, or treatment from a qualified health care professional. Results may vary, and testimonials are not claimed to represent typical results.