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personal trainer
Fitness Professional
Fitness Professional

Discover ratings & reviews. Learn about a Fit Pros qualifications, their favorite cheat meals, their workout music list, and so much more.

Fitness & Nutrition Blog
Fitness & Nutrition Blog
Fitness & Nutrition Blog

Our Blog articles cut through the confusion related to fitness, nutrition and health in general by delivering only proven, research-based information.

Virtual Inspiration
Virtual Inspiration

When you’re not 1-ON-1 with your Fit Pro you can reach out with questions and support via email, text, video, Skype and other messaging platforms.

Video Coaching
Video Coaching

Step-by-step, accurately performed exercise videos for every exercise your workout plan to ensure you get the best results.

Recipes/Cooking Videos
Recipes/Cooking Videos

Join us in the kitchen as we prepare delicious and nutritious recipes that satisfy your taste buds and boost your metabolism.

Recipes & Cooking Videos
Progress Tracking
Progress Tracking

You’ll be able to track key measurements, view workout history and see how your body’s progressing in one convenient location.

Mobile Fitness
Mobile Fitness

Receive a new, personally designed workout at your fingertips every day. Exercise anytime, anywhere from our app.

Community Challenges
Community Challenges

Lacking drive to succeed? Watch for your trainer’s periodic challenges, and XUBIFIT’s community-wide giveaways and challenges for prizes and motivation.

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Our App works because it provides you with 1-click access to your REAL-LIFE Fit Pro trainer whenever you have questions, requires support or just needs extra motivation to get off the couch.


  • Apps alone can’t get you fit.
  • Apps lack the motivational techniques needed to get you off the couch.
  • Apps fail because tracking is boring work.

Even More Awesome Features

that sync directly to our app!

MyFitnessPal syncs your nutritional information so your Fit Pros can more effectively monitor your nutritional habits.

Fitbit syncs biometrics such as weight, and body fat percentage, so your Fit Pro can better monitor your exercise habits.

Withings Health Mate syncs biometrics such as weight, and resting heart rate so your Fit Pro can better monitor your progress.


When you hire a coach from XUBIFIT to help you with your fitness journey, you automatically become part of something much bigger. Each day, thousands of individuals seeking answers, ideas, support and encouragement engage in conversations with other individuals and world-class Fit Pros in our private Facebook community. And just to make sure that the community remains a positive environment, our moderators cheerfully moderate the post.


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