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Oftentimes the process of reading through dozens of product reviews leaves a shopper more confused and sometimes even frustrated. Our mission is to simplify your buying decision by researching, analyzing, and testing products in-house so that we can save you the frustration of researching on your own, thus helping you to buy more confidently. For your convenience, you can even buy the best in-home workout equipment directly from links on our site.

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Updated Jan 2022


Updated Jan 2022

We begin this process by scouring the Internet for product evaluations that we believe might make your journey to better health easier, and more satisfactory. Then if we think a product is a good fit, we buy it. That’s right, we actually purchase every product we review with our own money. We do this because we want to remain 100% objective in our evaluation.

Once we have the product in-house, we attempt to make sure it does what it claims it can do. For example, if it’s fitness related equipment we workout with it (a lot), if it’s gear we wear it (a lot), and if it’s a supplement, we have many Guinea pigs, staff members around here that are more than willing to ingest things for the greater good. Finally, we frequently reach out to people who’ve invested their money and time by purchasing a product from us to get their opinion on specific products.

Once tested, if we like a product and believe that it can be of benefit to someone, we put it on this page and if we don’t feel that a product lives up to its expectations, then we simply don’t put it on our page. We normally try to present at least two products in each category, and we fittingly title them “Better Than” and “Best” - - - that’s just our opinion.

Because we strive to provide our Fit Pros, their clients and everyone else visiting this site with transparency, we wanted you to know upfront that we receive compensation if you purchase any of the items located on this page, directly from this page. Rest assured that you are under no obligation to click on a link and buy a product from trusted sites like Amazon. If you want to go somewhere else and buy an item you found here, great, we’ll still be friends!

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