As America’s leading website for locating qualified fitness professionals, our website virtually eliminates the confusion of hiring a fitness professional capable of delivering results.The most important thing we do at XUBIFIT is to provide those seeking better health through fitness with access to some of the nation's most qualified and highly recommended fitness professionals capable of delivering personalized workout programs, nutritional guidance, and perhaps most importantly… motivation!
Secondly, our all-inclusive website delivers a variety of trustworthy health & fitness articles, healthy recipes and even cooking videos.
In the not too distant future, XUBIFIT will expand into additional areas within the field of fitness; supplements, fitness gear, fitness equipment, and on-demand live exercise classes.
Even if we had the opportunity to review all 250,000+ Fit Pros in action, we would be unable to make that judgment for you personally.  That is why we depend on individuals who have been directly trained by Fit Pros to leave either a Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down and a written review of their experience so that others can make a more informed decision prior to hiring a Fit Pro.
 No.These individuals work for themselves and have chosen to allow XUBIFIT to assist them with locating clients that are serious about their health and well-being.
We want nothing more than every individual seeking better health through fitness to have a positive experience with their Fit Pro, but we have no way to ensure that your choice in Fit Pros will be all you expected.  If for some reason you are not satisfied with your Fit Pro, take a moment and write to him/her and explain your expectations and where exactly he/she failed to deliver.If for some reason you feel that your Fit Pro is not qualified to instruct others, take the time to leave them a review so that others may be made aware of his/her qualifications or lack thereof.If your Fit Pro has done something that you believe to be inappropriate, we encourage you to contact your authorities and promptly file a complaint.
At any time, you can click on the “Find A Fit Pro” link highlighted in the navigation bar at the top of every page or at the bottom of every page. This will allow you to view fitness professionals in your town/city/providence or all the way across the nation.  You will also find additional links throughout the entire site to assist you with finding a Fit Pro.
As we tossed the TU/TD versus Star concepts around the office, one of our team members told us about a review she once read regarding a person that left a rather dismal review about her experience with a Fit Pro --- it went something like this:“The reason that I did not give my personal trainer five stars is because I removed one star because he was 15 minutes late for our first session, and I removed one star because he doesn’t always smell fresh, and I removed one star because he was not as fit looking as I thought he should be.”Obviously, we weren’t there, and being late is very much a pet peeve around our office.  However, most Fit Pros work 8-12 hours a day frequently training clients every single hour, and working these many hours oftentimes leaves little time to refresh, and even less time to find time to stay as fit as most Fit Pros would like.We keep it simple, if you enjoyed your Fit Pro, give them a Thumbs-up, and if your experience was poor, then give them a Thumbs-Down
XUBIFIT was created with the goal to assist ONE MILLION PEOPLE with reaching their health & fitness goals.  In order to do that we created a site where people can find a Fit Pro to help them finally achieve their goals.  It is our immense pleasure to have you to search our website for free with the hopes of locating the right Fit Pro to deliver you to your better health destination.
Statistics show that on average, people are twice as likely to succeed with achieving a fitness goal with help from a Fit Pros.  So, whether you hire a Fit Pro from XUBIFIT or somewhere else, a good fitness professional is a great investment.
Secondly, at XUBIFIT our only focus is to connect those seeking health & fitness results with the Fit Pro that is capable of delivering results.  Our website is designed to assist you with finding Fit Pros knowledgeable in 1-ON-1 training, Online Training and PHIT (Professional Hybrid Interval Training --- 1-ON-1 training combined with online training).
Nope.  The only person you have to pay is the Fit Pro that you hire to get you fit.
While we attempt to take steps to verify that a Fit Pro is who they say they are, we are virtually unable to make any guarantees regarding a Fit Pros ability or even if the Fit Pro is who they say they are.  Here are some ways we try to provide peace of mind:
Firstly, we require Fit Pros to submit a Photo Identification [valid driver's license, government-issued identification card, military identification or passport] and copies of their primary training certification so that we are able to make sure that they are qualified to coach their clients in their respective field of fitness training.
Secondly, we encourage all Fit Pros to invest in themselves by selecting to have a thorough background check performed via a third-party entity through our website.  If the Fit Pro passes its background check, they will receive a badge of certification on their personal biography page to assure you that they are truly an honorable fitness professional.
Lastly, all Fit Pros must maintain a positive rating of at least 70% with their clients or risk losing his/her “Verified Badge”.
WARNING: Not all sex offender websites contain information on all convicted sex offenders. Information is only provided for sex offenders whose information is allowed to be published by law.  Although most information is updated regularly, it should be noted that the information contained on any website may not reflect the current residence, status, or other information regarding the offender. Due to time delays in processing sex offender data, this information should be verified with the appropriate Sheriff's Office or Chief of Police.
Yes, and no.  While all fitness professionals must provide a verifiable license/certification pertaining to their primary profession so that we can match it with the governing body that supplied it in an effort to make sure the Fit Pro did indeed acquire it at some point, we do not verify that the license/certification be current.
Your safety and the safety of the Fit Pros using our service is of the utmost concern for us.  With regards to Fit Pros failing a background check, if a Fit Pro is found to have been convicted of felonies, violent crimes, sexual offenses, and registered sex offender status, among other types of criminal records (see below), will be disqualifying grounds for the use of our service. Pending charges for those categories of crimes are also disqualifying
  • Aggravated Assault / Battery / Domestic Violence
  • False Imprisonment / Kidnapping
  • Murder (all degrees) / Homicide, including Voluntary or Involuntary Manslaughter and Vehicular Manslaughter
  • Rape / Statutory Rape / Sexual Assault / Offenses Sexual in Nature
  • Burglary, including Robbery / Theft / Larceny
  • Child Abuse / Neglect / Abandonment / Pornography
All fitness professionals must procure the Screened & Approved badge prior to using our services.  In order to procure this badge, the fitness professional must possess the following:

  •  Valid government-issued photo ID, such as a driver's         license, passport or military ID
  • Verifiable license/certification pertaining to their primary         profession

Badge: Background Check
Because we as a society can never be too careful these days, we provide this badge as an opportunity for the Fit Pro to provide his/her clients with added ‘peace of mind”.  This badge and is not required of a Fit Pro in order to use our services.  If you have any questions regarding a particular fit Pro that has not received a Background Check Badge, ask them why.
Badge: Top Rated
A Fit Pro must receive at least ten (10) “Thumbs Up” and five (5) positive reviews from their clients before receiving this badge.
Badge: Elite Pro
A Fit Pro must maintain a positive rating of 80 percent or higher for at least six months before receiving this badge.

We like to think of Fitness Professionals as much more than the instructor or personal trainer of old.  Today’s Fit Pros care more than just how you exercise, they want to learn about your lifestyle choices [nutrition, sleep habits, things affecting your goals, etc.] so they can provide you with the best program possible.  This extra attention to detail makes them professionals in our book.
If meeting with a Fit Pro outside a reputable gym/studio environment, we strongly recommend that you request to meet with the Fit Pro in a public forum and request to see the Fitness Professionals valid photo identification.  This identification should match the images of the Fit Pro on the Fit Pros Premiere Profile page.
Some Fit Pros offer a money-back guarantee while others do not.  Please take into account that most Fit Pros invest a considerable amount of time to effectively customize a fitness routine to meet your specific needs. So, take this into consideration before asking for a refund.  Also, be sure to get the terms of your agreement with your Fit Pro upfront and in writing.
Fit Pros that merely wish to have their headline displayed along with their city and state are able to do so on our website for free.  However, in order to keep this site free to you, the consumer, we have to charge Fit Pros a nominal annual fee for their biography page or Premiere Profile page.  This page allows the Fit Pro to stand out from the crowd and show the world just how professional they truly are.
Trainerize is a simple tool that allows Fit Pros to deliver training/exercise programs, track daily food intake via MyFitnessPal, follow fitness activity via Fitbit, provides a real-time communication platform between you and your Fit Pro and even alerts your Fit Pro when you have not completed a daily exercise routine.
Depending on the type of training you are seeking, more specifically online training or PHIT, and the Fit Pros level of expertise, it may take between 1-5 days before your training is uploaded to your online account.
Yes.  Your Fit Pro is not some automated system pumping out a generic “one-size fits all” fitness algorithm, but rather a real flesh & blood human being that sincerely wants you to succeed in your slaying your fitness goals.  Even if you choose online training, a Fit Pro is diligently working behind the scenes crafting a plan to help you finally reach your health & fitness goals.
No.  As a matter of fact, statistics show that more people actually exercise outside the traditional gym/studio environment.  If you enjoy the gym/studio, awesome, but if exercising outside the gym/studio is something you’re considering, be sure to look for a Fit Pro that is able to coach you at your residence, outdoors, office and even online.
Studies show that people who openly share their daily fitness accounts tend to have greater levels of success simply because they felt more driven to succeed.  At XUBIFIT we encourage you to share your journey with us and everyone around the world.  Tell us about your Fit Pro, your workouts, your meal preps, and anything or anyone else that was an integral part of your success. Remember, keep it clean!
We are currently in the planning stages of development for a XUBIFIT nutritional program for Fit Pros and their clients.  However, be sure to ask you Fit Pro if they currently use another program or if they can suggest a user-friendly program to you.
Most, if not all Fit Pros that train outside the traditional gym/studio environment are capable of providing all of the necessary equipment needed to fulfill your workout needs. If you are training exclusively online and not with a Fit Pro, then you might need to acquire the equipment that your Fit Pro suggest in order to meet the fitness requirements they have designed for you.
Perhaps.  We say perhaps only because some people tend to think of online training as an easier fitness option versus that of traditional training in a gym environment.  And oftentimes, these same individuals tend to not consult a physician prior to beginning an exercise regimen.

Firstly, it should be noted and understood that exercise in any form can be rigorous, and we strongly suggest that anyone with questions regarding their health should consult a physician.  Conversely, online training when performed properly is just as safe as exercise received anywhere else… with the exception that you are commonly by yourself.It should be noted that online training is quickly becoming a preferred form of fitness training for persons of all levels of experience.

Choose “HOW” you want to get fit, then choose “WHO” you want to get fit with, and finally choose “WHERE” you want to get fit.  Our database will then provide you with every Fit Pro matching your search criteria.
Most always, yes!  Inform your Fit Pro of your needs and have them develop a fitness plan that best accommodates your needs.  Obviously, if you are staying in a place with a gym on-site, make sure you let your Fit Pro know exactly what equipment is available.  Conversely, if you are staying somewhere without a gym then make sure your Fit Pro develops your programming with body-weight exercises --- if it’s good enough for Mr. Hershel Walker, it’s good enough for everyone.
If you are interested in Online Training, then absolutely not.  The beauty of our training platform is that you can hire a Fit Pro from across the country and you can access your exercise plans from anywhere you have a connection and then exercise anywhere, anytime at your convenience.

Most likely not!  But don’t take our word for it, use a search engine and search for persons like 97-year old Charles Eugster who began resistance training at the ripe age of 87, or 77-year old Ms. Ms. Willie Murphy who can lift twice her body weight.

If you are elderly or have some physical restrictions that may limit you from certain exercises, feel free to contact Fit Pros in our network and ask them questions before hiring them.
Indeed!  However, Medical research supporting this study is too vast to put here.  Do some research yourself, and when you return be sure to hire a Fit Pro capable of assisting you with finally reaching your health & fitness goals.